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Nodes The DataFinder Search Tool links to a network of data sources called nodes. Each node is an independent data provider that offers metadata describing the geographic data. Search one or more nodes.
Keywords Enter keywords or phrases to search for matches in metadata. Search entire metadata records or specific fields using the "Located in Field" list. Specify whether all keywords must match or if any is sufficient.
Location You have the option of searching for data by specific geographic area. Select from "Search by County" or "Search by Municipality" or draw an area on the map.
Time Period You have the option of searching for data by time period. Search for data representing conditions before, after, or equal to a certain date, or search a range of dates.
View Search Parameters Preview your search parameters. Print them out using your browser's print command, launch your search now, or return to any of the options to make changes.
Welcome Welcome to the DataFinder Search Tool . . . a tool to help you search for geographic data about the Twin Cities Metro area in Minnesota.
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The DataFinder Search Tool lets you customize your search in four different areas:
  • Nodes: Simultaneously search one or more data sources.
  • Keywords: Enter up to four keywords to specify the type of data desired.
  • Location (optional): Identify the geographic area in which you are interested.
  • Time Period (optional): Specify the time period for the data you want.

The DataFinder Search Tool search returns titles of data sets that match your selection criteria. Each title links you to a metadata record, which includes important facts about the data and information getting the data. Data often can be downloaded directly through the metadata.

To begin, click on the Nodes tab and set your search criteria. Review your work anytime by clicking on the View/Print tab.

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