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Metadata created using Minnesota Geographic Metadata Guidelines

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1. Overview
2. Data Quality
3. Data Organization
4. Coordinate System
5. Attributes
6. Distribution - Get Data
7. Metadata Reference

Section 1 Overview
Originator Metropolitan Council - Metro Transit
Title Shelters
Abstract Abstract The Bus Shelters layer includes around 1200 bus shelters in the Metro Transit service area. It includes shelters owned by Metro Transit and third party entities.

Attributes include Site_id, Shelter_id, Shelter_nb, Site_loc, Shelter_ow, Rt_cd, Shel_elec, X, Y and corn_desc. All shelters identified in this database correspond to a bus stop, and can be linked to the bus_stops shapefile using the Siteid field. This dataset does not reflect situations where shelters may be designed to serve more than one bus stop number or where multiple shelters may also serve one stop.
Purpose To identify all bus shelter locations associated with bus stops in the Twin Cities metropolitan area.
Time Period of Content Date
Currentness Reference This dataset is update weekly
Progress Complete
Maintenance and Update Frequency As Needed
Spatial Extent of Data Twin Cities 7 county metropolitan area. This includes the counties of Anoka, Carver, Dakota, Hennepin, Ramsey, Scott and Washington.
Bounding Coordinates -94.012
Place Keywords
Theme Keywords
Theme Keyword Thesaurus
Access Constraints None
Use Constraints By acceptance of this data, the user agrees to include a copy of this metadata record, including the liability disclaimer, whenever the user transmits or provides the GIS Data (or any portion of it) to another user.
Contact Person Information Steve Baisden, Associate Planner
Metropolitan Council - Metro Transit
560 6th Ave N
Minneapolis, MN  55411
Phone: 612.349.7361
Browse Graphic None available
Associated Data Sets TransitStops, TransitRoutes, bus segments, bus service, park & rides

Section 2 Data Quality
Attribute Accuracy
Logical Consistency
Horizontal Positional Accuracy Positional accuracy is accurate to the location of the bus stop GPS coordinates.

Section 3 Spatial Data Organization (not used in this metadata)

Section 4 Coordinate System
Horizontal Coordinate Scheme Universal Transverse Mercator
UTM Zone Number 15
Horizontal Datum NAD83
Horizontal Units meters

Section 5 Attributes
Overview Attributes

SHELTER_NB: A unique identifier assigned to shelters to distinguish ownership and number. The letter represents the first letter of the shelter owner.

SHELTER_ID: An object identification number assigned by MetroTransit, originating in the bus stop database.

SITE_ID: An idenfication number assigned by MetroTransit originating from the bus stop database. More than one shelter can be associated.

SITE_ON: The street or address where the shelter is found.

SITE_AT: The cross street or address nearest the shelter

CORN_DESC: The description of the corner location.

CITY: The city the shelter is located in

OWNER: Owner and caretaker of the shelter. 'METRO' are shelters owned and maintained by Metro Transit.

SHEL_TYPE: I don’t know what this field is. We should follow-up with the shelter group

RT_CD: The route code assigned to the shelter for maintenance.

item_id: Code identifying bus shelters with that have lights (lighthps) or lights & heat (heat)

Detailed Citation
Table Detail:

Section 6 Distribution
Publisher Metropolitan Council - Metro Transit
Publication Date 02/16/2012
Contact Person Information Jon Hoekenga, GIS System Administrator
Metropolitan Council
390 Robert Street North
St. Paul, MN  55101-1805
Phone: 651.602.1561
Distributor's Data Set Identifier
Ordering Instructions This dataset is distributed on the internet by clicking below after 'Online Linkage'. Doing so will tell your browser to download a 'ZIP' file which will contain the following:

- ArcView shape files
- metadata for the dataset (.htm)
- NOTICE.RTF, an important notice about this dataset that can be read by any word processing software.

Additionally, this dataset is available for direct use via one or more map services. More information about what a map service is can be found at The specific map service and layer name for this dataset can be found by clicking the "Services" link for this dataset in the DataFinder Catalog at .
Distribution Liability NOTICE: The Geographic Information System (GIS) Data to which this notice is attached are made available pursuant to the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act (Minnesota Statutes Chapter 13). THE GIS DATA ARE PROVIDED TO YOU AS IS AND WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY AS TO THEIR PERFORMANCE, MERCHANTABILITY, OR FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE. The GIS Data were developed by the Metropolitan Council for its own internal business purposes. The Metropolitan Council does not represent or warrant that the GIS Data or the data documentation are error-free, complete, current, or accurate. You are responsible for any consequences resulting from your use of the GIS Data or your reliance on the GIS Data. You should consult the data documentation for this particular GIS Data to determine the limitations of the GIS Data and the precision with which the GIS Data may depict distance, direction, location, or other geographic features. If you transmit or provide the GIS Data (or any portion of it) to another user, it is recommended that the GIS Data include a copy of this disclaimer and this metadata.
Online Linkage I AGREE to the notice in "Distribution Liability" above. Clicking to agree will begin the download process. See "Ordering Instructions" above for details.

Section 7 Metadata Reference
Metadata Date 02/28/2012
Contact Person Information Steve Baisden, Associate Planner
Metropolitan Council - Metro Transit
560 6th Ave N
Minneapolis, MN  55411
Phone: 612.349.7361
Metadata Standard Name Minnesota Geographic Metadata Guidelines
Metadata Standard Version 1.2
Metadata Standard Online Linkage

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